How to create bootable USB with 3 Operating Systems using Yumi

How to create bootable USB with 3 Operating Systems using Yumi



  • Install Yumi on a computer system running Windows OS. (I use a System running windows 10)
  • Plug your USB flash drive (16gig recommenced) into the computer system that has Yumi installation.
  • Launch the Yumi program and it will detect the USB flash drive.
  • Check all the following boxes 

Some of the boxes are 

  1. Choose the format in Fat32 (if you choose the format in NTFS it will not work)

2. Select step 2 on the Yumi board

Multiple Windows Vistal/7/8/10 Installers -wimboot

3. click on browse in step 3 of the board and navigate to where you have your ISO files (I choose win7 iso as my first ISO)

4. Click on create. 

5. The program will start the process for the selected ISO. (This is will some time)

6. After the process, the app (Yumi) will display a message to know if you want to add another ISO or to finish the process.

7. Click on add, then repeat steps 2 and step 3 (at this stage select your 2nd ISO image and click on create)

8. Repeat step 2 and step 3 for the 3rd iso and click on finish when the process is done.

9. Restart your computer to test your bootable USB flash drive

10. Change the first boot options in bios to USB flash drive

11. Press enter to enter the next menu 

12. Which will list all the available iso

13. Choose the ISO that you want to install and enjoy.

Please note:
Windows 7 hang at this stage (I’m not sure if it’s the iso or my process but Windows 8 and Windows 10 install 

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