Advantages of Aluminum Alloy Chassis

February 27, 2017

Right now almost all fanless mini pc using aluminum alloy chassis, do you know why we prefer using aluminum alloy instead of steel or iron? Here let’s show advantages of aluminum alloy chassis. Aluminum is a great metal to work with. Unlike other metals, it has plenty of strengths. The metal can be found almost everywhere in the planet. Supply will not run out, so it is easy to acquire and not heavy on your pockets.


Advantages of aluminum chassis castings over steel include:

  • Three times greater axial load strength

  • Faster production rate. In fact, production quantities can be done within a few days instead of several weeks!

  • Fewer failures and returns to the OEM

  • Weight is lighter by two and a half times for lesser shipping costs

  • Less finishing costs

  • Raw parts manufacturing costs are much less

  • Better looking parts

  • Very good thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation.

  • Due to above advantages, now most cooling pins for computer using aluminum alloy. mini pc chassis actually changed from cooling pin directly,


Regular cooling pin for pc is just cover the CPU to help heat dissipation of the cpu, but now fanless mini pc enlarged the cooling pin and make it a whole pc cover directly.

With that kind full cooling pin designed case, the mini pc runs totally silent, and looks very high grade and qualified.

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